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"Belly Dance by The Lake" 

is Coming Back 

in 2021! 

The International Belly Dance Conference of Cleveland

Belly Dance by The Lake 

Is a very unique Belly Dance Conference, designed to bring women of all ages together 

to promote health and wellbeing, as well as to build a stronger community. 

"When we dance together, we create a stronger sisterhood".

An Idea was Born

On October 5th of 2019, we held our very first Conference and it was a huge success! The attendees couldn't stop talking about how beautiful and organized everything was. Some people literally did not want to leave when their classes were done. They said that they wished that they had registered for the entire day. This was all the confirmation we needed, to know that we were on to something special.

Our Goal is to Promote Wellness 

Belly Dance is an Ancient and Very Powerful Art Form. Unfortunately, it is greatly misunderstood. We want to share the many benefits of this Art Form, in order to dismiss the misconceptions that surround it. 

We offer traditional as well as non-traditional Bellydance Workshops that help women understand how multifaceted this dance really is. 

In our modern day society, Bellydance has become a form of entertainment, but in truth it holds great powers for healing, but these healing benefits can only be found when you dance. This is something you have to  experience for yourself.


We invite you to come out and dance with us at this year's Belly Dance by The Lake!

Here's a peak into the first class of our 2019 Conference ~ Enjoy!

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