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Gift a Class ; )

This is a great way to share the gift of Belly Dance with a wonderful Lady in your life! 

This "Gift Certificate" is for new students of Modern Belly Dance and it will expire after 6 months. 

It can be used for our Westside Class.

This is for our 6 week Belly Dance Fundamentals Class 

*Please fill out the form below after you purchase your Gift Certificate.

~ Thank You ; )

Please Fill in the Information of the Person 

You are Purchasing The Gift Certificate For

Thank you for your interest in Modern Belly Dance of Cleveland!

We are committed to sharing the Sacred Art of Belly Dance with women all around the world.

Please take a few minutes to fill in the information of the person who will be receiving this gift certificate, so that we can keep an accurate record of them. This will make it easier for them to Register for the Class of their choice. 

Once the Gift Certificate has been purchased, then the receiver of the gift only needs to email us to let us know which class they would like to register for.  And they will have 6 months to use this Gift Certificate. 

Email us at:

Thank You!

Name of Person to receive the "Gifted Class"*

Email Address of the Person to Receive the "Gifted Class"*

Please share any other information that is important for us to know about this Lovely Lady *

What is the name of the person Purchasing this Certificate?*

What is the phone number of the person purchasing this Certificate?*

Thank you! Your message was sent successfully.

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