"Belly Dance by The Lake"

The International Belly Dance Conference of Cleveland

Class Instructors for the 2019 Belly Dance Conference in Cleveland, Ohio

"We All LOVE to Bellydance and we look forward to sharing that Love with YOU!" ~ Trenayce

Trenayce is teaching Hip Hop Bellydance

Trenayce has been dancing since the age of 4. She grew up taking Jazz & Modern Dance Classes in Erie, Pa. She started choreographing dances as early as 6 years old and soon began to display her talent in local talent shows. She has pursued her love for dance, throughout her entire life and over the past 10 years she has created a beautiful space for women to come and learn the healing and powerful Art of Bellydance, in Cleveland, Ohio. 

"Modern Belly Dance of Cleveland is really a dream come true for me. It's a place of healing and it has brought the most incredible women into my life. I love my students and I look forward to dancing with them every week. I'm so happy that I followed my heart and started teaching Bellydance, it has been one of my greatest blessings!"

"Come join me in my Hip Hop Class and have some FUN! We just need to have more fun in our lives and we need to meet incredible women of like-minds, so we can build stronger relationships with our "sisters". Bellydance is a great way to get in shape and it really is a lot of fun!"

Trenayce is the Artistic Director, Founder & Owner of Modern Belly Dance of Cleveland, LLC

Modern Belly Dance of Cleveland is now celebrating 10 years of bringing Bellydance to women of all ages. It's a sacred space where women can nurture themselves and find their inner beauty and love for self. Trenayce invites you to come out to join her in Celebrating Your Inner Goddess and celebrating Modern Belly Dance's 10th Anniversary!   

"We would love for you to join us for this Conference. You will have fun, I guarantee you!!"

"Belly Dance by The Lake"

You Gotta Be There!


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Welcome to the Conference by Trenayce

Trenayce wants to welcome you personally to come out and join us at Belly Dance by The Lake!

Meet Anne!

Anne Laing wants to invite you to come out and dance with her. Anne is teaching 2 classes at Belly Dance by The Lake!

Meet Nehir

Meet Athena Nile

Meet Your Conference Instructors

Come out and Bellydance with us!


11am & 3:15pm

Sherena is teaching Otea and Lebanese Pop Choreography



Nehir is teaching "Dancing from the Inside"


1:30pm & 3:15pm

Mariah is teaching Turkish Oriental Bellydance & Turkish Chiftetelli



Aegela is teaching "The Dysfunctional Hip"

Athena Nile


Athena Nile is teaching Drum Solo



Jezebel is teaching "Floetry"


9am & 1:30pm

Anne is teaching Pilates/Yoga for Bellydancers & Double Veil



Sumayyah is teaching Reggae Belly Aerobics

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